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Foto von Jean Engelbrecht


Rust en Vrede Estate (Südafrika)

I remember the very early days of our relationship with the company (1982). My parents would travel to Germany frequently and because my mother grew up in Namibia, she spoke German fluently which was always very helpful when she had to translate for my father.
In return EGGERSSOHN would visit South Africa on a regular basis. During these visits, their last evening in SA would always be a braai (Barbeque) at Rust en Vrede. It was all very informal and always ended with singing. Great friendships were formed that last up to this day and it proves that wine is always the common denominator. 

I value this long friendship and I am sure it will only go from strength to strength in the years to come. Both companies are served by people that believe in the other’s ability to maintain and build a quality business.

Foto von Hauke Petersen


Hauke Petersen
Jörgen Petersen & Sohn, Kiel

Seit über zehn Jahren gehören wir nun schon zu jenen zufriedenen Kunden von EGGERSSOHN. Nicht nur EGGERSOHN sondern auch wir als Fachhandel und Fachgroßhandel der Gastronomie sind über diese lange Distanz gemeinsam gewachsen. Eine exzellente stetig wachsende Sortimentsvielfalt bringt immer wieder gute & neue Impulse für unsere Kunden und unser Team. Das Sortiment führt zudem wenig Markenartikel, wo es nur um Preis, statt Inhalt und Beratung geht. Dies ist ein wichtiger Baustein im Fachhandel.

Der Lieblingswein mit dem besten Preis-/Genussverhältnis ist der Terre di Montelusa Brindisi DOC Riserva. Hier stimmt einfach alles!

Wir freuen uns auf die nächsten Jahre mit dem Team von unserem Weinhändler in Bremen.
Herzlich, die Jungs aus Kiel.



Crocus (Cahors)

After few years of partnership with EGGERSSOHN, I can say that the good feeling I had when I decided to work with Susanne Scheichl and her team is fully confirmed. This company is exigent in selecting only high-quality wines, among the most prestigious wineries in the world. They have built, for many years, a strong network in Germany of wine lovers who have the passion for great wines. At Château de Haute-Serre we are very proud to be considered as part of this community by EGGERSSOHN. They have understood that Château de Haute-Serre is more than an exceptional wine estate with good rates, but also THE place where the greatest malbec is grown. 

My recommendation regarding the EGGERSSOHN portfolio is, of course, Paul Hobbs.
His Viña Cobos wines are for me the quintessence of the Argentinean malbec and his Californian wines are also fantastic. It is, of course, our shared passion for the Malbec grape that has caused our friendship and brought to life our Crocus project in Cahors. He is certainly one of the best wine makers I have ever met, and I am impressed of what he is doing wherever he goes. He has this exceptional sense to get the best from all grape varieties, in the full respect of the terroir where they are grown, which makes all his wines unique and outstanding.



Paul Hobbs (Kalifornien), Vina Cobos (Argentinien), Crocus (Cahors), Yacoubian-Hobbs (Armenien)



Foto von Paul Cluver Junior und Senior


Paul Cluver (Südafrika)

EGGERSSOHN is truly an amazing company that has been able to keep an incredible personal family culture while being a truly professional business.  We are honored to be represented by EGGERSSOHN in Germany.

Rust-en-Vrede is one of South Africa’s premier red wine producers that proofs that South Africa can truly produce world class red wines that can stand shoulder to shoulder with the best wines in the world.  The proprietor Jean Engelbrecht has been a leading force in firstly driving quality and then being a global ambassador for South African wines as a whole. 

Paul Cluver Junior links im Bild neben seinem gleichnamigen Vater